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What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.



In a perfect world, hunger would be history and hope would be commonplace. We believe a perfect world is possible.

In 2020, Subaru and its retailers made a donation to Feeding America to provide 50 million meals to help feed people in need during the COVID-19 crisis,* making meals available at 199 local food banks across the country.

*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.



Subaru and our retailers are committed to protecting and preserving the Earth, not just by our words, but also by our actions.

More than 13 million pieces of hard-to-recycle waste collected and recycled through TerraCycle®.



Subaru believes we all should have a chance to lead a healthy life. That's why Subaru and its retailers, like us, partner with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) and their local hospital or cancer treatment center to give warm blankets and encouraging messages of hope, written by retailers and Subaru customers in their stores, to support patients facing cancer. Through our partnership with LLS, we've supported nearly 300,000 cancer patients nationwide. We're proud to be LLS's largest automotive donor.



Subaru and its retailers, like us, are continuing our support of education and high-needs schools in our communities through Subaru Loves Learning(R) by providing teachers across the country with funding to purchase the school supplies and resources they know are needed to help students thrive in the classroom. Through our partnership with AdoptAClassroom.org, Subaru and its retailers will have supported more than 470,000 students nationwide and are proud to be their largest corporate supporter.



Subaru believes all pets deserve a loving home. That's why Subaru and its retailers, like us, partner with a local animal shelter every October to provide direct financial assistance and host adoption events to help animals find loving homes. Through our partnership with local and national organizations, we have donated over $51 million, which has supported the adoption, rescue, transport, and health of over 420,000 animals. We're proud to be the largest corporate donor to the ASPCA.


The Subaru Share the Love® Event

Subaru and its retailers believe in giving back to our communities. That's why for every new vehicle sold or leased during the Subaru Share the Love event, Subaru and its retailers, like us, makes a donation to national charities that our owners care about and to over 2,100 local charities where Subaru owners live and work.

Now, after 15 years, Subaru and our retailers have donated over $256 million to charity all to give back and to make the world a better place.

The Subaru Share the Love<sup>®</sup> Event

How is Tameron Subaru dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Tameron Subaru looks forward to helping our community with the Love Promise Commitment. We plan to work hand in hand with our favorite charities supporting kids, cancer, animals, and helping to feed the needy. We plan to help with events in and around the Gulf Coast area through helping to get the word out as well as encouraging our staff and families to help volunteering as much as possible at the events.

  • A.R.F - Animal Rescue Foundation
  • Feeding the Gulf Coast
  • Mobile Bay Keepers
  • USA Women's & Children Hospital

Love Promise Stories from Tameron Subaru

Subaru and Tameron Subaru believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here.

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A Lending Paw

Envision your pet living in a small kennel without toys, treats, or blankets to comfort them. In many animal shelters, this is how some of our furry friends live their lives. These shelters work diligently to ensure that animals have a great experience before they get adopted; however, they frequently struggle to maintain the supplies in-house. This is where we took a stand to help a local pet shelter in Mobile. We are Drake Rushing and Eve Cabral from Philips Preparatory Middle School. Tameron Subaru loves pets and loves to help out the community, so we held a drive in partnership with them for the Mobile County Animal Shelter (MCAS). The drive was to help MCAS replenish supplies and to inspire others to help local animal shelters. We also want to encourage anyone looking to get a pet to adopt from a shelter because many animal shelters are full and overpopulated, making them undersupplied.

Tameron Subaru Partners With Baldwin House Assisted Living

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Tameron Subaru, their employees and friends for their generosity this holiday season. During Covid I was working at an assisted living facility named The Baldwin House. During the pandemic, the residents had been unable to leave or even visit with family. It was the same for everyone during that time, but unlike the younger generation, the residents were unable to utilize the new technologies that were allowing those on the outside world to communicate. The residents felt left behind and forgotten. My sister, ( April Thrasher, Tameron ) and I came up with an idea to brighten up their holiday. Make it over the top special- to let them know they were not forgotten. We approached it like an angel tree. We made little tags with each residents name, age and wish list on back. April then offered them to employees and friends to choose a resident to adopt for Christmas. They then took their cards and bought gifts. Most of the bags are HUGE and stuffed with tons of items! Each present is beautifully presented with holiday bags and huge bows. The Responce has always been overwhelming! This year we did it again. The residents look forward to it every year and this year it grew larger. Subaru employees took it farther. Some made homemade Christmas cookies, there was hot chocolate, each resident received stuffed Christmas stockings, and loads of gifts!!! The residents were so excited. After the gifts were all opened and the Subaru “elves” had visited with all the residents, fresh fruit was handed out. Fresh satsumas, bananas, apples, grapes and grapefruits. This according to the residents brings back fond childhood memories. Tameron employees have continued to go above and beyond every year for the residents of The Baldwin House. The residents faces, filed with excitement makes it all so memorable and enjoyable. Thank you Tameron Subaru for letting 30 elderly people know they are never forgotten.

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Tameron Subaru Gave Me Hope

In a heartwarming display of community impact, Tameron Subaru has made a lasting difference by donating a truckload of cozy blankets to Mission of Hope in Mobile. This act of kindness has brought warmth and comfort to those facing homelessness during the winter season, reminding them that they are not alone. Through their partnership with Mission of Hope, I have been able to witness first hand how they touched the lives of individuals in need, providing them with a tangible symbol of care and compassion. This donation has not only provided physical warmth but also restored my hope and reminded the community that together, we can make a positive impact and create a world where everyone feels valued and supported. Thank you Tameron Subaru for showing you care about your community! You made a difference in my heart this Holiday Season!

Tameron Subaru Helping Homeless Pets

I am writing this testimonial to express my deep appreciation for Tameron Subaru's generous donation of blankets to The Haven NoKill Animal Shelter. The impact of their contribution has been truly remarkable. The blankets provided by Tameron Subaru have made a significant difference in the lives of the animals at our shelter. They have not only provided much-needed comfort and warmth to our furry residents but have also helped create a sense of security and familiarity in their new environment. The soft and cozy blankets have become a source of solace for the animals, especially during colder nights and stressful times. Moreover, the donation from Tameron Subaru has allowed us to allocate our limited resources to other crucial areas of animal care. By providing us with a substantial supply of blankets, they have lightened our financial load and enabled us to focus on providing medical attention, food, and rehabilitation for the animals in need. This has undoubtedly increased the quality of care we are able to provide to our beloved furry friends. The impact of Tameron Subaru's donation extends beyond the immediate comfort and financial relief. It has fostered a sense of community and compassion among our staff, volunteers, and supporters. Knowing that local businesses like Tameron Subaru care about the well-being of animals in need has inspired others to get involved and support our cause. Tameron Subaru's generosity has not only improved the lives of our shelter animals but has also brought awareness to the importance of animal welfare in our community. In conclusion, Tameron Subaru's donation of blankets to The Haven NoKill Animal Shelter has made a lasting impact on the well-being of the animals in our care. Their contribution has not only provided comfort and security but has also allowed us to allocate our resources more effectively. We are immensely grateful for their support and proud to have them as a valued partner in our mission to provide a safe haven for animals in need.

Tameron Subaru Loves Pets!

December is off to a great start with the help of Tameron Subaru! For every dog who was adopted at Woofstock and during the online adoption event, Subaru provided a plentiful adoption kit to families on their new journey with shelter pets. The Lauver family fell in love with Omma's online profile and has been head over heels since taking her home. Her cuddly companionship and entertaining personality quirks keeps this family smiling. Adopting from the shelter not only brought them joy, but they also reported how their contribution also saved a life. Adoption allows the City of Mobile Animal Services to open its doors to additional homeless pups, decreasing the stray population in our community. COMAS extends its deepest gratitude to Tameron Subaru, and we look forward to saving more lives together!

Longest residents find new homes!

Piebald and Smiles are just two of the lucky dogs that found homes during our adoption events with Tameron Subaru. Every October, Animal Rescue Foundation hosts Woofstock, a Halloween and music dog festival! Tameron Subaru has been a long time sponsor of the event and is the title sponsor for the popular wiener dog races. Piebald was the City of Mobile Animal Services' longest resident having spent nearly a year waiting for a forever home so he was chosen as one of the dogs to attend Woofstock and be part of the kick off to our Subaru adoption events! Piebald and 10 other doggy friends loved being out of the shelter with volunteers and able to meet lots of new people at Woofstock! Piebald quickly found a wonderful family who took him home to foster that afternoon. Once they got him home they realized it was meant to be and signed his adoption paperwork a few days later! After Woofstock kicked off our adoption campaign with Tameron Subaru, we launched our two week virtual adoption event on Facebook and email! Smiles was also approaching the dreaded one year mark at the shelter so we featured her as the first dog on our virtual adoption event page! Thanks to the virtual adoption event Smiles found her forever home too after 331 days in the shelter! Thanks to all the hard work of the volunteers who brought dogs to Woofstock, match making by the shelter staff and support from our partners at Tameron Subaru, we adopted 21 dogs and 4 cats from the City of Mobile Animal Services! Photos: The Wiener Dog race winners at the Tameron Subaru tent at Woofstock! Piebald with his new family at Woofstock! Smiles in her Halloween costume!

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Tameron Subaru Helps Combat Hunger On The Gulf Coast

“The inability of a parent to provide food for their family gives them a sense of powerlessness or causes depression. This sense of powerlessness can cause chaos in a family which may already be facing many roadblocks in life, such as a medical bill or auto repairs. When individuals are caught in this cycle, what they eat and how they eat is unimportant because it feels too overwhelming. When trying to afford food and feed a family becomes overwhelming, the health benefits of a meal are not a priority. A family that our Food Pantry has come to know, and love is a woman at the end of her pregnancy. She had to go on unpaid maternity leave when she found herself in a situation where she was struggling to buy food, especially healthy food, for herself and her unborn baby. The mother could receive the nutritious food she needed thanks to the food she received. She received fresh produce, dairy products, and some sweet pastries for those pregnancy cravings. The young woman gave birth to a very healthy eight-pound baby. She returned to thank us and was so grateful for this critical support." "Stories like that above highlight the incredible impact of the Tameron Subaru partnership and support. Feeding the Gulf Coast can serve its mission and provide for those facing crises or challenges across the community because of caring partners like Tameron Subaru. Over the years, support from our local Subaru has created an incredible impact and helped us turn hunger into hope for people just like the young mother in the story. Thank you, Tameron Subaru, for standing alongside us to make a difference for those in need and for your ongoing philanthropic commitment. Our communities are stronger because you give back." -CYNDY BAGGETT of Feeding the Gulf Coast

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