Genuine Subaru Parts in Mobile, AL

Whether you're buying a new car or fixing one you've owned for years, you can count on your auto dealership to offer high-quality service. At Tameron Subaru, we offer our customers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. If you're doing a DIY project or want to work with a professional mechanic, our parts will help you get your vehicle back on the road.

Your Local Subaru Parts Department

As your local Subaru parts department, we have a strong understanding of your vehicle's needs. Whether you have a Subaru Outback, Forester, Impreza, Ascent, or Crosstrek, we can connect you with the parts you need. We stock our shelves with quality OEM parts, and our staff members understand your vehicle's needs because they're familiar with Subaru vehicles. Whether you need a spark plug or a brake pad, we've got you covered.

Difference Between OEM and Non-OEM Parts

At Tameron Subaru, we know that keeping a large inventory of OEM parts available is crucial. We prefer to fit all vehicles with genuine parts from the manufacturer. In fact, using factory parts rather than aftermarket parts could be the difference between a car lasting 10 more years or a car that needs another repair very quickly. OEM parts are designed specifically for your vehicle. In addition, these parts come with a manufacturer's warranty, so quality issues don't need to be a major concern.

Of course, you might also be considering a non-OEM part if the price point seems right. Non-OEM parts are typically cheaper, but that's because they generally aren't made of the same high-quality materials as OEM parts. They aren't made specifically for your make and model, so they may not fit your vehicle correctly. Ultimately, a non-OEM part could cause more problems than it solves.

You should also consider the fit of OEM parts for your vehicle. Non-OEM parts may simply not fit as well. A piece that's too small isn't going to fit, and a large piece can cause more performance and reliability problems for your vehicle later.

Even if a non-OEM part seems more affordable in the short term, you should consider that you might end up paying more later. You may need to buy pieces more often when you aren't buying factory items, so you might spend more in the long run.

The Dealership Is a Great Place To Find OEM Parts

If you're looking for great parts for your Subaru, buying from the dealership is a good idea. For one, you'll make sure that you're getting high-quality parts made from reliable materials. You'll also make sure that the company is standing behind the parts you receive. Each part is confidently crafted to meet the manufacturer's specifications.

Some Subaru owners may be tempted to order OEM parts online, but doing so has some drawbacks. When you buy an OEM part from the dealership, you can trust that it came from the dealership, and you can also be confident that the dealership has tested and approved the part for your vehicle. In contrast, you may not get the high-quality part you expect if you buy it online.

What Kind of Subaru Parts Can You Find at the Dealership?

If you want to make sure that you're buying real Subaru parts and accessories for your vehicle, your dealership is a great resource. You'll find a variety of parts designed exactly for your vehicle, and they'll fit exactly as they would if they were installed at the factory. These are some of the types of parts you can expect to find at the dealership:

Engine Parts

The dealership is one of the best places to go if you need a new engine part for your Subaru. You'll find replacement parts, such as spark plugs and fuel injectors, as well as a selection of filters, including air, oil, and fuel filters.

Transmission Parts

Your Subaru dealership will also offer a variety of transmission components, including transmission fluid, shifter cables, clutches, and more.

Tires and Wheels

You may think that you don't need OEM parts for your wheels and tires; however, you'll likely find that your handling and performance are much better with these original parts. You'll also find that they fit your vehicle better. You can also find all-terrain and sports tires for your vehicle when you shop for OEM parts.


Your Subaru needs a great battery if you want it to work correctly. While you can certainly purchase an aftermarket battery at the store, an OEM battery will be longer lasting and less prone to problems.


Your brakes must be smooth to operate safely. You can trust OEM brakes to run efficiently. We also offer calipers, rotors, and other essential components to keep you safe on the road. You'll also find OEM high-performance and sports brakes for your Subaru at our dealership.


You'll find official accessories at the dealership. Many of these accessories, which include organizers and mats, are functional parts you can add to your vehicle's interior. Meanwhile, some accessories are all about looks, while others add exterior storage and towing capabilities. You'll also find OEM windshield wiper blades and other necessities.

A Quick Turnaround for Manufacturer's Parts and Services

Even if your local Subaru dealership doesn't have OEM parts on hand, you can count on the parts experts to offer a fast turnaround. They'll be able to secure parts for you quickly, and the service center can install them if you'd like. This makes your repairs as easy as possible, which is another reason to get some of your regular services at the dealership. When you come to the Subaru dealership for oil changes, tire services, battery services, and other maintenance, you can trust that they're using high-quality OEM parts.

How To Find OEM Parts for Your Vehicle

If you want the best parts for your vehicle, Tameron Subaru of Mobile, Alabama, can help. Our friendly and efficient team is here to help you with high-quality parts and services. Shop for parts and service now or order parts and take care of your repairs elsewhere.

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